Maktabatul Irshad

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A Radiant Masterpiece in Explanation of the Poem of Ibn Abee Daawud: al-Haa'iyah
270 pgs., Paperback "3. And say: Not a created thing is the Speech of our great King,   &..
8 x 5. 92 pages, Paperback the full title of the book is  Arousing the Intellects with an..
Arousing the Intellects with an Explanation of 'Umdatul Ahkaam: The Book of Zakaah and Fasting
260 pgs., Paperback   The work 'Umdatul-Ahkaam was authored by Imaam Taqiyy ud-..
288 pgs., Paperback The work 'Umdatul-Ahkaam was authored by Imaam Taqiyy ud-Deen 'Abdul-Gha..
Declaring A Muslim To be an Apostate & Its Guidelines
63 pgs., Paperback No one should be declared an apostate except the one, whom Allaah and His Mess..
Directives and Rulings on Finishing the Month of Ramadhan
68 pgs., Paperback  The blessing of this great month (Ramaadaan) was mentioned with its good..